2018 photography review, june

June brings to mind the summer between the fifth and six grades when a family move felt like an earthquake…an unexpected event that shattered my pre-adolescent footing.

Life seems to be filled with those moments…those moments when the phone or doorbell rings and in the summoned steps between here and then we are, unknowing, moving towards a voice…a presence that messages the unimagined without a return to the life we embraced. These life changing moments occur throughout our lives…some of them are, in hindsight, minor losses that resolve through a period of resistance, anger, tears, and sleep. Then, there are those losses and deaths that first numb us and then leave us so shaken that our life view… our life scape is forever altered…

I found that the resistance to those moments has the potential to open doors to new understandings that will, in time, bring an acceptance to or intensify the various elements of grief and loss. These sacred journeys also have the potential to inspire creative endeavor that gives voice to loss that is heard and felt by others and begins to ease an unimagined loneliness.

Photographers have written about the healing that rises from the creation of their images. This art form does invite us to see life through different perspectives, to open our eyes to the magic of light and shadow, to engage in mindful walking, and yes, to connect with nature and/or people.

My review of the posts made during last June was an exploration of opening myself to seeing the mundane anew, to exploring high-angle photography, and to introducing my self to the process of contemplative photography.


high-angle photography

contemplative photography

Why do you photograph, paint, draw, write, cook, knit…create?

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