my story

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

Consciousness wakened by human sound and touch; blank pages colored by memories of others; and confirmation of birth within family documents and photo albums . . . a life story emerges from the lives of others, remembered and forgotten

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  1. As we walk along the path, the horizon constantly changes, just like one’s life- story which twists and turns as we journey along. (Fortunately, not planning to write an autobiography, but may well recount some of the twists and turns through my WordPress posts. In fact, working on one now, answering the question I was asked recently, “How did you end up in Peru?” Well ……. one day, I ……..

      1. Yes indeed, crossroads, each one leading to a different horizon, and when we arrive at such crossroads, do we notice whether the traffic lights are red or green!! There are no google maps for life’s journey. It would be sad perhaps, if there were.

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