How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Failure or perceived failure invites me to often revisit, “what is it I seek?” and to accept seeking never ends…it just invites a new seeking journey.

Since shyness is part of my nature, I’m more comfortable with being “known but never seen.” Consequently, time spent clarifying for myself what is success invites the question, is it found within public acknowledgment or in private endeavors?

If it is public, success is an ant within a crowd of ants waving a banner, “pick me! see me!” Over time I have experienced the emotional toil of “likes” and “followers” within social media to be an unpleasant undertaking; yet, I do enjoy exchanging comments that validate and/or inspire.

Private success is found within smiles of joy when a project awakens a momentary “awe.”

All of this brings me to ponder if the introspection and reflection of failure has within it seeds to one’s own identification of success.

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