weekly photo challenge: letters


A writing stand,

paper, the moon…



Riches — in Sue’s mind because set up to write poems. —

Aha, but will you catch the fishes (words) or not? — says Chiyo.

This imagery of fishes standing for words, especially fishes (words) that will not be caught (found) occurs in Buddhist literature and in Chinese poetry*


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With Liquid Voice Unendingly 
by Kago-no Chiyo-ni and Sue Jo.
Translated by Lenore Mayhew and William McNaughton in Modern Haiku, XIV:2, 1983.

20 replies to “weekly photo challenge: letters

    1. thank you…the challenge motivated me to pull out some of the stamps I had stored…the image is composed of books and stamps…I am glad you enjoyed Kago-no Chiyo-ni and Sue jo’s writing…it is one of my favorites

    1. good to hear from you marcelo,

      A parting word?
      The melting snow
      is odorless.
      (we had a winter snow fall yesterday…)

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