thursday’s special: street photography/portraits

Relationships nourish the soul… often while I am out and about my imagination drifts away from the present as I begin to silently story the lives of others.  These two street images offer multiple stories about the dynamics of human interaction…with self, with others, with technology.


A dad with his son…playing ball?  Yet, while he is silently watching his son pick up the ball, there something about his stance that has me wonder if his mind is elsewhere.street

A solitary figure…waiting to meet someone while texting another or texting the one he is waiting for?

street (1)

Ponderings and images in response to Lost in Translation’s Thursday special.


11 replies to “thursday’s special: street photography/portraits

  1. There is so much going on in both shots; really difficult to pick the one that incites my curiosity more 🙂 Thank you for this great entry. Happy Thursday!

    1. Thanks Loisajay…I just have to remind myself that the stories I create are of my own creation and most likely not reflective of their life

    1. Thank you Jo. I think you are speaking of the header with the multiple faces? It’s one of my multi-medium images.

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