xdrive photo lession – 8 – close up/macros

RAJ’s photo lesson about close ups and macros, encouraged me to create images with my camera set to manual focus, “Remember, only you know the story you are trying to tell, not the camera!”

Nikon D750  f/6.3 40mm  1/4s  100 ISO

This initial exploration with manual focus brought to mind the summer between the 4th and 5th grade, when I put on my first pair of glasses (Cat Eyes). I can still recall the visual experience of seeing for the first time individualized leaves on trees and multiple shapes and colors of gravel stone…the world, sharpened and focused, was a moment of awe.  Corrective lenses was a means of normalization; yet, there are no words to describe and there are no photographs that can replicate the amazing bokeh of Christmas lights created by astigmatism and myopia.

Nikon D750  f/5  40mm  0.2s  100 ISO

The ease of using auto focus–a reliance upon technology–to create images that satisfy a self-imposed standard has me question if the advancements in genetic, genomic, and reproductive technologies, identified by a UC Berkeley sociologist Troy Duster as a back door to eugenics, to lessen human suffering will also nudge us into a world absent of human uniqueness.


5 replies to “xdrive photo lession – 8 – close up/macros

  1. Thank you for your contribution for the week Brenda

    Pic 1: Capture of water drops on a leaf and an excellent background blur. But even though you have used an aperture of f6.3 I see a lot of blurred subject. You know the reason? It’s the shutter speed! You have used a very slow for this shot.

    Next Set: If I consider the set of next pictures to be an art work, yes they are beautiful. Indeed it looks like biology to me! Contributed by the slower shutter speeds once again.

    This critical review is part of XDrive Photo learning sessions. Thank you once again, Brenda, for being part of us.

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