xdrive photography learning – 20 – bokeh

Within xdrive photography’s bokeh lesson, Raj notes that the unique blur within photographs known as bokeh is a composition tool that allows a photographer to guide a viewer’s eye as well as to keep distracting elements hidden.

Nikon D750    f/3.2    1/320s   40mm   ISO100
Nikon D750     f/5.6   1/320s   230mm   ISO 100
Nikon D750     f/5.6   1/200   210mm   ISO 100

Over to you Raj.  Thank you for this informative lesson and your amazing images.

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    1. Thank you Loisajay…the second image was created on a photo walk with visual rhythm in mind…having a bit of a struggle…but this one seems to sing repeating patterns. 🙂

  1. Welcome back Brenda for the session on Bokeh.

    Pic 1: Fantastic picture! Clinging snow and the golden light in the background creating a great creamy bokeh. Very soothing picture.

    Pic 2: Once again a great shot, I really like the composition here. You are able to show three chains with different levels of focus. Great thinking shot!

    Pic 3: Classic desktop shot. Focused and unfocused flowers always a tricky one to take because unfocused ones could make a distraction too. But since the centre part is pretty much focused I feel you have done a great job here. Only that pink centre flower is currently a distraction.

    This comment is part of XDrive’s photography learning sessions. Thank you very much for your great contribution, Brenda.

      1. I appreciate a “nitpick” such as this as, “how else can I see that which I don’t see?” I find this type of “psychological blindness” to be very intriguing.

      2. Nope, it’s not psychological blindness, its the way everyone thinks. We think from our own angles, only when someone points at certain shortfalls (according to them) we suddenly realize it. But I am just giving a suggestion I may be right or wrong, you have to decide on that. If everyone shoots the same way or style that would be boring too. 🙂

    1. Thanks, it’s great to hear that someone agrees with my choice of going with color. I found that the black and white version was not as visually appealing.

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