spring creek

Spring Creek …  f/5.6     1/4,000s    300mm     800 ISO

Choose one subject, anything will do — your own house, or the house opposite, or the next house — and in place of a tripod, drive a stake into the ground, nail a board on top of this, and make a screw hole in the board for the screw of your camera . . . Photograph your subject at every hour of the day, on fine days, and at intervals on dull days, photograph it after it has been rained on for weeks, and after it has been sun-dried for months.

~Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (cited: The Aperture History of Photography Series)

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    1. Thank you Loisajay. Hope life is filled with joy and laughter. This small waterfall is a favorite spot on a trail that I frequently photograph during a walk along a trail…thought it fit well with the suggestion to photograph the same place over and over again. Yet, to put a stake in the ground may upset someone…so don’t think I should follow through. 🙂

  1. Beautiful photo Brenda. I have tried to take pictures of a few places/things in different seasons or times to see the fun.

    1. Thank you Rupali. For a couple of days I tried photographing the landscape through a bedroom window…interesting to see the differences that occur with the differences of light and weather…regrettably the window screen was a bit of a bother.

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