an egg…

“An egg?  Really…an egg?  Why an egg for this contemplative photography project.?”

Many, many years ago, I was brave enough to attended an introduction to drawing class offered through a local art museum.  The first drawing lesson included the use of charcoal with a single subject–a white egg.   This elementary endeavor to draw an egg opened my world to the gradients of the whitest white to the multiple shades of grays and then to the blackest black.  The other art lessons within this art class also served to be an  introduction to the dynamics of perception and awareness that flow within moments of silent contemplation.

So, why not use an egg as a subject in a mediative photography project?  Two minutes “being with…looking at…contemplating” a white egg, a small white bowl, on a white piece  of cloth for each image.  Ten photographs within 20 minutes.

My commitment to the single egg wasn’t able to silence the whisper and restrict the impulse to, “include a small yellow ball.”


5 replies to “an egg…

  1. love the greyscale tones and how you lit this subject- the small yellow ball is just the yolk that slipped out

    1. I appreciate feedback like this…yes, the yellow ball “the yoke “ 😊 I also played around with some white daisies, the yellow ball, and hard boiled eggs in a couple of images…thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Very interesting experience, Brenda. I have to read this a couple of times before “getting it” 😉 I like the last photo the most. I think it is because I see more shades of grey and it makes me wonder — what’s the relationship between the egg and the ball? Why is there this distance between them?…
    Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Helen. I do enjoy reading your comments. I just read a chapter within “The Little Book of Contemplative Photography” that discussed metaphor which I like to play around with through language; yet, photography is a bit of a challenge.

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