a photo study: Ian MacDonald’s creative composition in street photography

Nikon D750   f/8   1/8s   300m   100 ISO

“He sought out a background with formal qualities interesting in themselves. Often it was a wall parallel to the place of the image, or a space lending perspective with defined graphic lines. Then he waited for figures to come and find their place in this arrangement of forms, in what he himself called ‘simultaneous coalition.’ His approach to composition was like a little theater with a set and actors. One part of what formed the geometric quality of his images was perfectly controlled: the other–and probably the most important-was the result of chance.” (cited: Aperture Masters of Photography Henri Cartier-Bresson)

This week I would like to introduce you to Ian MacDonald, an Official Fujifilm X  Photographer and educator living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In his first of a series of street composition blogs, he reviews:

What really matters in a photograph

  • Subject 
  • Moment
  • Light
  • Background
Nikon D750   f/2  1/5s  35m   160 ISO

Setting the stage

Nikon D750   f/8  1/8  135m  100 ISO

Street portraits

Nikon D750   f/5.6  1/160   300m  I00 ISO

Detail Shots

Nikon D750  f/8  1/100  68m  100 ISO

I hope you, also, find this to be interesting and informative. As always, I would love to read your thoughts and see your images.  Let’s tag with #aphotostudy.  Until next week…

via Creative Composition in Street Photography – Part One

8 replies to “a photo study: Ian MacDonald’s creative composition in street photography

  1. “..probably the most important-was the result of chance.” That moment when you download your photo and see something you missed entirely when you first clicked the shutter. This is wonderful, Brenda.

    1. I think that is part of the fun…almost like going out on a treasure hunt and not knowing what you found until…yes, until the…download.

  2. These thoughts resonate for me a lot. I enjoy focusing on a scene… composition, light, angles, geometry and then waiting for the actors to appear and place themselves. Patience and fun. And then yes, there is often the unexpected gift found in the download… a plane, a bird. Thanks for this post and sharing these images along with the quote… Cartier-Bresson an all time favorite

    1. Thank you for visiting and posting your thoughts. One of my intentions is to open myself more to the artistic elements within street photography and…yes, patience which may be more difficult.

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