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      1. I really like the sensitive photos you are taking at the moment. I’m still stuck on vistas – probably because I have moved to a new area and am still getting my bearings. I’ve been reading about contemplative photography and like the exercise you propose this week. I will see if it leads me anywhere.

      2. I was surprised to see that I did not have you listed in my reader. Fixed! I took a few minutes to review some of your posts. It seems to me that your creative work draws from a contemplative ground. Your haiku…brought to mind many of the ancient writings.

      3. Thanks very much for that comment Brenda. That really inspires me to keep going. I’m planning an ebook of my haibun at present and have run into technical difficulties. To resolve them I find I am looking at my contemplative black and white photography with new eyes. You have inspired me there too.

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