a photo study: contemplative photography VI – eye & mind

This week’s A Photo Study is inspired by the writings of A Karr and M Wood (The Practice of Contemplative Photography), “Photographing color gives us something to look for that will synchronize [cause or occur to operate at the same time] eye and mind.”

Photographing color is the first of their contemplative photography assignments in which the photographer is encouraged to open herself to color:

labeling the color “red”
  • keep a narrow focus on color
  • see colors absent of identifying them as “red”  “yellow” “blue” “purple”, etc.
  • look at color in a simple and open way
  • look at color out of context…free from association, memories, reference points, likes, or dislikes
  • look at billboards as color and form rather than words and messages
  • see the redness of red, the blueness of blue without superimposing anything on them at all.
  • when stopped by a flash of color, let you mind stop – physically stop and spend 1/2 minute looking at the color
  • contemplate what stopped you
  • raise your camera and look at your perception through the view finder or the camera’s screen.  Ask yourself, “is this what stopped me?”
  • make any adjustments to focus, exposure, and depth of field
  • release the shutter
  • enjoy yourself

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As always, I’m looking forward to reading your comments and seeing what colors touched your awareness.  Let’s tag with aphotostudy.

9 replies to “a photo study: contemplative photography VI – eye & mind

      1. aww thats sweet of you to say that… Well, I want to start something new in photography but just dont want to repeat what others already doing. Still brainstorming… 🙂

  1. It’s a very interesting and creative task. I would love to try this. Today and tomorrow we shall have heavy rain fall. Will follow the rules and try this assignment on Monday.

    1. I found it to be a lot of fun. The challenge to not label colors was difficult and after I began to silence my labeling mind, I found the red curbside label, “red.” Had to begin again. Looking forward to seeing your images.

      1. During the ending of the winter season the overriding color here is brownish yellow…then, the greens of spring begin to appear.

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