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  1. Love this – wonderful! The version on Discover has the image’s title, but the clicked on version lacks this – which, I think, for an image of this type is a very good thing. Adrian 🙂

    1. Adrian, thank you for the visit and comment. A contemplative image such as this one is best left without a caption or title in order for the viewer to experience the image with “fresh eyes”? Would you also remove the camera matrix?

      1. Hello, Brenda. I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “camera matrix”, but perhaps you’re referring to the camera, exposure etc details? As I said, I think it best to have such an image free from all such things as inside-image captions and watermarks. And maybe there should be a blank line or two between the image and the camera etc details – I do this on my blog by inserting an invisible i.e. colourless fullstop between the image and the start of the text. The whole idea is to isolate the image a bit, so that it can be appreciated without surrounding items visually interfering with it. Hope this is useful. Adrian 🙂

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