a photo study: contemplative photography XI – patterns of light

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This year-long project seems to be drawing upon composition elements that were covered at the beginning of this study.  Recently, I revisited the post which explored the elements of simplicity as part of this series on contemplative photography.

Today, I find myself going back and re-reading the two separate post about rhythm.  Rhythm involves the same or similar elements repeating at regular intervals.  Repetition is easy to find…all around us are shape that are pretty basic and similar to each other.  We see them repeating at regular intervals within nature, design, works of art, architecture, and photography.

 The origin of repetition is from the French repeticion or Latin repetitio(n-), from repetere – repeat.  

When you repeat a certain size or shape or color you add strength to the overall image of a photograph.  If you want to make a statement, you repeat certain elements again and again. If you repeat something once or twice it becomes more interesting. If you repeat something many times it becomes a pattern and takes on a life of its own.

Patterns give us order in an otherwise chaotic world. 

A Karr and M Wood (The Practice of Contemplative Photography) invites photographers to  “see patterns of light–not things that are illuminated, or shadows cast by objects that block the light.”

I found that this exercise “seeing patterns of light” was a bit of a challenge for as I was more drawn towards patterns created by shadows.  Therefore, while on a photo walk, I found that when I connected with light, I had to actually stop and question, “is this a light pattern or a shadow pattern?”

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I challenge you to open yourself to seeing light…patterns of light. I would enjoy seeing your creations and reading about your experiences and thoughts about light patterns. Let’s tag with #aphotostudy.

3 replies to “a photo study: contemplative photography XI – patterns of light

  1. Thank you for very interesting discussion. I see what you mean. I would have love to go out for a photo walk if the weather was a bit better but sadly that’s not going to happen soon.

    1. The weather…it is interesting how the weather impacts our lives especially how and when we undertake a photo walk. Today, the weather is super…yet, as mother nature is in transition everything seems to be a yellowish-brown color. Tonight…snow. I am excited about photographing bare trees tomorrow. But, if the temp is really cold or the wind is blowing…I’ll be snuggled up with a book or a historical movie.

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