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My brain is tired.  After fourteen posts in which my thinking/photographic self weaved in, through, and out of contemplative photography, I decided it was time to shift “focus” to the genre of street portraiture by inviting a number of amazing photographers to share their creative endeavors.

But first, what is street portraiture?

Well to me, a street portrait is just a photograph/portrait of someone you meet on the streets (stranger). Generally it is focused on their face, but doesn’t need to be. A “portrait” just means a “likeness” of someone. For example, you can shoot a “full body portrait” of someone, and you can also shoot a closeup face portrait of someone. ~Eric Kim

On the photo forums they are always debating whether street portraiture is street photography.

There are no hard and fast rules. But in general, if a picture contains a person on the street and is posed / staged, it is street portraiture. If the photo of the person is candid,  it is street photography. Street portraiture may come under realm of street photography, but it is not to be confused with candid, non staged street work. Now, there are no photo police to decide such matters, so people are free to call em as they see em. ~ Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Now let’s visit the website 123Photogo who shares with us that …character portraits is a whole different type of portrait photography, but, truly an art form that is just totally fun


Jamie Windsor offers us “Tips for taking portraits of strangers”:

Mikaël Theimer’s talk about his connecting with strangers

Amazing examples of street portraiture to inspire you to pick up your camera and connect with life on the street.



I am looking forward to seeing one or more of your creative connection with people on the street.  Let’s tag with #aphotostudy.  Thank you for being a part of this learning journey.

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