2018 photography review, april

“…April showers bring May flowers.”

April stirs my slumbering hunger for color to counteract the depressive yellowish-brown, tired, and bare world winter leaves in its wake. Growing up in the western part of Colorado, I wasn’t aware of how brown, dry, and “un-alive” this state can be until I saw Southern California’s multiple shades of green from the window of a plane and felt the amazing touch of the ocean’s breeze as I left the airport.

As I reviewed the blogs posted during April, I found that some of the composition elements that my photo study explored were:

rule of thirds

photographing red

the photographer – “point of departure”

“From now on, before I go shoot, I’ll consult internally to focus on one thing I want to capture, and have that point of departure. It’ll give purpose to my work and me being out there. The advantages are that I’ll learn patience, presence and a deeper sense of observation. This is a powerful and deep message…have a point of departure.” ~Ralph Gibson

My favorite parts of blogging is the sharing of photographs and reading the thoughts you share in the comment section. This ongoing exchange is like an ongoing virtual trip through various countries and ideas that result in an expanding worldview. Thank you.

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    1. Yes! There are photo bloggers who I admire for their work and willingness to share their knowledge…in a positive and supportive manner. Then there are others who have been gifted with the freedom to travel and who share their visual journey with those of us who are more home bound. And those who share their unique vision and culture…amazing journey across the globe. Almost like being part of a photo club, a classroom, or a meeting over coffee. Hope your new year is filled with love and peace.

  1. Mine too! This is a lovely selection, better for being viewed together. When I started blogging, I had not given the comments a thought and was quite perplexed to get them. I made the mistake of thinking a post was finished when I pressed ‘Publish’. Now I know as I’m writing the comments will add to the post – complete it – taking it in directions I had not considered.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Pressing “publish” is like pressing a doorbell to the world and greeting whoever answers. A momentary message of validation, “yes, you are heard.”

    1. Thank you. Contemplative photography seeming opens me to the beauty that is. I do enjoy visiting your blog; yet, sometimes it doesn’t appear in the WP reader. It’s a puzzle.

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