a photo study: fifty-one!

Today,  is one week shy of my year-long photo study project! I began this blogging journey with the intention to explore, experiment, and learn about various aspects of photography.

Through the unparalleled sharing of knowledge Ted Forbes’ offered through his YouTube videos, The Art of Photography, I was able to set out learning about the basics of composition within photography: the rules of thirds, odds, and space; as well as, the elements of lines, shape, simplification, negative space, repeating patterns, sub framing, and triangles. And from this ground work we explored perspective, seeing, low and high angles, tone, color theory, and the characteristics of light.

The genres of abstract, landscape, sequence, contemplative, and street photography were introduced with the assistance of photographers such as:

Four posts ‘focused” on The Photographer, the person who stands on one side of the photography triangle which supported the Developing your Photography Style exercises. These 4 posts were drawn from Ted Forbes’ Master Class Live series in which photographers were offered exercises designed to exhaust all possibilities in order to awaken our unique individuality.

And yes!  Throughout the year there were exercises that I undertook with an egg, or two, or three as the subject.

This was an autodidactic journey undertaken to share and expand through exchanges with others. Each posts defined the next topic throughout this project.  It has been both a challenge and fun.  You will find each of the post listed as standalone lessons on the home page under A Photo Study.


Was there a specific topic or post that you enjoyed the most, the most beneficial, the most challenging? I would enjoy seeing 1-7 of the images you created during the past year. Let’s tag with #aphotostudy.

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  1. I see that you have done a similar thing to what I am undertaking this year, but you seem to be much more aware. I am only sorry I didn’t see your posts two years ago! Still a personal challenge is just that; personal. I shall have to have a read of your lessons and see what hints I can find. I do like your egg studies and I love those fishermen!

    1. Thank you for visiting. The process was a challenging one and I did learn a lot…yet, I find that there is so much more to learn and apply.

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