a photo study: going forward

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At the start of this photo study project I had a bit of doubt about being able to make it to the finishing line…once a week, 52 blogs….three 16-week college semesters plus one summer semester…no holiday or vacation breaks – was a huge challenge.  And today, I’m posting the final blog of this year-long learning project.

This Study was inspired by a number of bloggers:


So where do we go from here?  May I recommend: 

Photography books are a great resource especially those that focus upon particular photographers.  Look for them in your local library, used book stores, yard sales.  My favorite photo books are those published by Aperture Magazines.  


Online galleries are also a great place to study particular photographers.

Supervision New York is a great place to visit especially if you are interested in Michael Kenna’s work  @http://supervisionnewyork.com/gallery


Thank you for joining me in this journey of discovery.  If a blogger, site, book, or video has inspired your photography I would appreciate hearing from you.  Again, thank you and I do hope you had fun, lots of fun.

5 replies to “a photo study: going forward

  1. Ah… I wish this would go on forever… Thank you, Brenda, for doing this project, which helps me learning photographing in many ways. I plan to go back to work on the subjects that I have missed. Hopefully by the time I have caught up with all of them, you are coming up with another series of photo study 😉 Ha.
    THANKS! Have a great day.

    1. Helen, thank you for joining me. It was an intense learning journey…I find myself reviewing the post on contemplative photography.

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