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  1. I enjoy watching the video a lot. What was said in the video does make sense. I mean I could see his point and I liked those photos. I couldn’t help searching for “minimalist street photograph” just for a comparison. I think I like those, too. I guess it’s possible to like both styles. Do you agree?
    Have a wonderful evening.

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Of the 3 photos that were reviewed, if an image similar to the 3rd was in my files I would have deleted it before listening to him highlight the various composition elements…yet, the white car was a distraction. His video has encouraged me to stay with an image and lessen my inpatient trait. Maybe that is why I prefer minimalist; yet, there are great street images that have a lot of detail and seem busy. Yes, I think we can like both.

      1. I agree. The 3rd one is my least favorite one. I would probably do some cropping… maybe make it a square photo, getting rid of most of the white car.
        Blue, red, green and little orange… according to the color wheel. It is Tetradic 😉
        Good night.

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