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  1. wonderful post.
    The lines in your bench and the whole mood of your photo really synced with a lot of what was in the video about alan schaller –
    and I watched all of the video – 5 minutes is not very long but for some reason I had to make myself watch it all – my my my how the attention span is today – but I am glad I did – I like his work and I like the way smug mug made the video

    1. Thank you. The street images created within this video are stunning…I found myself inspired to photograph more with a different eye. It is odd how a 5-10 min video is about all I can watch in one sitting when night classes were often 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

      1. Oh I know what you mean. About the classes and all…
        And I think it is cool how his background was music and this was a hobby that he ended up being good at.
        Oh and again – that bench is a nice moody shot

    1. Thank you…I’m finding it to be a challenge to open myself to what is while I see photographs of amazing places filled with the architecture, shadows, and energy of places like New York.

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