5 replies to “dogwood photography’s story telling: seasons

  1. I have a question for you about your RX100. Did you ever have it in one mode like Manual and the camera keeps stitching to another screen? My A6000 has done it too and I took out the battery and put it back. I did try formatting and Initializing. Great image, take care.

    1. Since I am unsure what “stitching to another screen” means, then most likely no. Yet, it sounds like one of those moments in which my emotional functioning has everyone in my family disappear. There has been periods when the RX100 freezes with a fully charged battery…the last time I put in a new memory card and so far things are okay. I do struggle with the extended processing time.

  2. I realized that I will be shooting and the screen flashes to the mode screen every few seconds until I change modes, so I turned that to off and will see if it works. Thanks.

    1. Mike, I just realized that I had the Ricoh camera in mind when I responded to your question. Blush…blush🤪. I haven’t experienced any difficulties with the Sony…yet.

      1. That seemed to do it Brenda. I didn’t even realize I could tun off the mode screen. Now I just have to remember to check which one I’m in. Thanks.

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