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    1. Thank you, Laura. Spring snow storms are common in the eastern part of Colorado during the months of March, April, and May and often bring more snow than December and January. I love them as the snow melts in a day or two and there is an amazing sense of release.

    1. Thanks Michael…These landscape images are above the roof of a professional building. The temperature wasn’t too bad…the windchill another story.

    1. Yesterday the high was 32, the low 14. Today the high is 47 and the snow is melting. Thirty-two really doesn’t feel that cold…its the wind, the wind chill that keeps me home.

  1. Beautiful! I, too, love April snow, or May… because it wouldn’t stay long 😉
    Tomorrow will be warmer!
    Have you seen this?

    I was amazed. Take care.

    1. So good to see your comment this morning. Yes! Spring snow, a visitor who does not overstay its visit. 🙂 Thank you for your last email…I felt your words to be profound and from a place of trust…thus wanted to let them rest in my soul before responding. I just watched 12 minutes of the video…will return when the house settles into silence. Please take care.

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