seeing differently: 3rd of 15

For the third submission to Robin’s photo challenge, Seeing Differently, I decided to walk about the Colorado State University’s Flower Trial Garden with a Nikon D750 and a Nikon Macro 40 mm lens with an intention to look for repeating patterns.

The Flower Trial Garden sets aside about 20,000 square feet for planting annuals from late May through October.  This color-filled garden is located across the street from the University’s Center for the Arts and even though the garden is about research it does offer an inviting environment for both students and non-students, alike.

I find that my eye generally tends to favor black and white images: yet, the color version of the image seems more dramatic and gentle to the eye.  What are your thoughts?



initially posted in October, 2016

6 replies to “seeing differently: 3rd of 15

    1. Great hearing from you Laura. I also refer the color as the B&W robs the viewer of the background colors.

      Be safe. Be well. Be sage.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I enjoy reading other people’s thoughts as it expands how I see a piece of work. I agree … the background colors seem to add a dreamy effect.

      Be safe. Be well. Be sage.

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