When I look up at
The wide-stretched plain of heaven,
Is the moon the same
That rose on Mount Mikasa
In the land of Kasuga?
~ Abe no Nakamaro (cited: http://jti.lib.virginia.edu)

skyscape … Leica D-Lux 7 f/5.6 1/400s 34mm 100 ISO

skyscape photograph submitted in response to The Life of B’s monthly square challenge … the absolute rule – Your main photograph must be square in shape!

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    1. Mike, I’m not sure. I did have a Lumix a few years ago, but didn’t care for the design. The Leica’s lens creates sharp images. I find that I’m more comfortable with the Nikon.

    1. To imagine those I miss seeing the same moon…feels as though we are in the same space standing side-by-side despite the miles of separation.

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