"...I told Mrs. Linden that I thought I was ready to retire, as I knew I should have an exciting and unusual day on the morrow.
'Very well,' she replied in her sweet way. She escorted me to a small elevator, which, by the way, was to be found in every home of the 2905 type. This I thought was a good idea too, as many women were actually tired out in my day, by going up and down stairs.
I remarked to Mrs. Linden the convenience of it. She replied that the people used elevators more than stairs, and that they, too, were put in during the construction of the house. 'Did you not have elevators in your day, Miss Tillman?'
'Certainly.' I answered, "'In public buildings, but they were not common in private houses.'
'Queer,' she replied, 'that they did not think of putting them into use in all homes.'..."

~ Bessie Story Rogers, As it may be A Story of the Future, 1905 (excerpt from: A Celebration of Women Writers)

Photograph submitted in response to The Life of B’s monthly square challenge … the absolute rule – Your main photograph must be square in shape!

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  1. love your choice of prose, but unfortunately I cannot use this shot in the final gallery because the photograph isn’t square

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