cmmc: august alphabet, two m’s

Two M’s: summit and never summer

Cameron Peak is a summit located in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Northern Colorado

Medicine Bow Peak (12,014ft) is the highest summit in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. There is a network of quality alpine trails leading around the mountain and up to the summit. A paved, accessible trail is The Lake Marie Trail.

Lake Marie was named for Mrs. May (Marie) Bellamy (1861-1955) by her husband, Charles Bellamy, who was a government surveyor. After Marie was elected to the Wyoming Legislature, she led the successful suffrage drive that resulted in the passage of the 19th amendment to the United State Constitution. 

The Never Summer Mountains are a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains in north central Colorado consisting of seventeen named peaks.

Images and video submitted in response to Cee’s midweek madness challenge: two ms.

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