blogjanuary: a treasure that has been lost

Wanting more than what is given…

I’ve often found myself pondering the realm of the hungry ghost within the Tibetan Wheel of Suffering. This realm is illustrated by beings who have long, extremely slender necks, needle mouths, and bloated stomachs.  They are characterized by their infinite emptiness and eternal starvation. … If they do obtain a taste of what they desire, their insatiable craving – their wanting more than what is given – blinds them to the small treasures within life … a flower, a smile, a sunrise, a birdsong, a joy-filled moment, a gentle touch.

Included within of the six realms of the Wheel of Suffering is a tiny figure symbolizing a bodhisattva.  These spiritual warriors are compassionate beings whose sole and unique purpose is to work for the benefit of all beings. Within the realm of the hungry ghost, is a bodhisattva holding a bowl filled with spiritual nourishment.  These spiritual morsels: grace, faith, mindfulness, centeredness, compassion, loving-kindness, and equanimity, all contain the nutrients to help them ease their suffering.

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