weekly photo challenge: masterpiece

The child claps his hands

playing alone, happily,

under a festive tree ~Issa*

artist: R. B. AH**
artist: E. R. H-A**

One of the best ways to understand how the over-all space of creative expression reflects its parts is to imagine yourself inside the space of the artwork…select a place within the composition where you would like to locate yourself for a few minutes of contemplation. …imagine…passing through different areas of the artwork…feel…energetic patterns. (152)***

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*The Spring of My life

Trans: Sam Hamill

**used with permission by the artist

*** McNiff, Shawn

Trust the Process

16 replies to “weekly photo challenge: masterpiece

  1. Wow. That’s amazing. Do you know how old the child is? It truly is a masterpiece.

    1. Thank you …the image of the tree on your blog is wonderful as it invited me into a world of creative possibilities that my narrow mindset prevents a wonderous connection to the world…I hope ths child continues onward with her crayon journey

  2. This is a wonderful exercise! Not only did I move into different self reflective moods, I also imagined different sounds.

    1. Thank you for visiting Allyson. “Trust the Process” is a book I am grateful to have read…the artist is one of my great joys…while she has distance herself from her art…I was delighted to hear she is enrolled in an art class this coming fall.

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