black & white sunday: after and before

A bamboo sprout

Picked too soon-

It would bloom in glory

But for man

~Issa (trans: N Yuasa: The Year of My Life)


In the above haiku, Issa has written about imaginary blossoms.  Yuasa notes that bamboo sprouts are harvested when they are young and soft and that they bear no flowers even if they are left to grow.  After: “alternative facts”  Before: “imaginary blossoms”


lost in translation

10 replies to “black & white sunday: after and before

  1. Love the contrast between the color and black and white. The truth is the truth, period. My imaginary orchid blooms are not the soul satisfying and beautiful real blooms.

    1. I appreciate your comment. I have spent a bit of time contemplating your words and have found that, for me, real blooms are often times the seeds of my imagination.

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