thursday’s special: vision

Vision:  Unable to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to the eyes, owing to the focusing of rays of light by the eye at a point in front of the retina; myopic


The Six Blind Men & the Elephant, a famous Hindu fable that tells the story of six blind sojourners that come across different parts of an elephant. In turn, each blind man creates his own version of reality from that limited experience and perspective. The video below is a illustrated version sharing an aged truth about our human condition and the relation between relative and absolute truth.

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7 replies to “thursday’s special: vision

  1. That’s a powerful and inspired share Brenda. How limited all of our visions really are. I love how you illustrated this idea in your photos. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you Paula. I find that in today’s world there is a need for me to return and reflect upon how differing views impact and limit resolution of discord.

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