wpc: 2017 favorites

Standing quietly by the fence,

you smile your wondrous smile.

I am speechless, and my senses are filled

by the sounds of your beautiful song,

beginningless and endless.

I bow deeply to you.

~Quach Thoai (describing the appearance of a dahlia: Thich Nhat Hanh, Fragrant Palm Leaves)


2017 Favorites

8 replies to “wpc: 2017 favorites

    1. Thank you, Lucile. For some reason I’ve missed your postings on my WordPress Reader. It’s great being reconnected. Hope your holiday and new year are filled with wondrous joy and love.

      1. You’re most welcome, Brenda. I guess there are many blogs and I haven’t posted very often this year until the third quarter.
        The most important is that we reconnected.
        Thanks for the lovely wishes.
        Wishing you and your loved ones s fabulous year with much happiness and health.

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