a photo study: street variations


Sometimes I wonder if life is just a series of links that takes us on journeys of multiple “turned corners” until we suddenly find ourselves in some unimagined place. This week’s photo study is such a journey undertaken to research the genre of street photography.


I found four amazing street photographers (David Geffin, Jasper Tejano, Fan Ho, Dotan Saguy).  Each of them inspired me to explore new ways of seeing the life around me through variations of  light, shadow, shapes, colors, and tones.  I invite you to wander about their online galleries.

“You don’t need to be on ‘a street.’ Street photography is more about capturing candid and often fleeting moments. If you think of street photography in that way, you will always be ‘out on the street,’ looking to make photographs.”  ~David Geffin

“Though I admire many street photographers who present their work in black and white, color street photography, to me, presents life with much more realism and dynamism. Especially with my work on silhouettes, the darkness of my subjects will just drown in the different shades of gray. I need color to make my subjects emerge from the frame.” ~Jasper Tejano

“I always had an instinct for light, shadow, lines and form but the second important thing is the subject matter; the character that will create empathy.” ~ Fan Ho (1931-2016)

Ted Forbes, The Art of Photography Remembering Fan Ho

“For me street photography is above all about people and moments. … it’s just a question of being present with all my senses. The best I can describe myself in that state is as a meditative hunter.” ~Dotan Saguy

I do hope you enjoyed your linked journey through these amazing images.  Do you have a street photographer that awes you?  If so, please share and tag with #aphotostudy.

12 replies to “a photo study: street variations

  1. always interesting to see where your camera takes you Brenda – I particularly like the reflection as the sitter and poster complement
    Thanks for the links to follow up on – I admire the work of David Gibson and have his manual for street photo projects but am rather reluctant now I cannot be surreptitious with my (now broken) rotating LED screen. Just had a Vivian Maier book for my birthday. Alexander Merc has a lot of good advice on how to view street photography

    1. Thank you for the visit and the link to Alexander Merc. While WordPress notes that I follow him, I can’t find him listed in the Reader…a puzzle. His images seem to move towards the HDR end…nicely done with texture, structure, and the colors…WOW.

  2. Interesting set of images, and thanks for the links, Brenda…not sure how I missed this when you originally posted…

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