lens-artists photo challenge: action

This week’s photo challenge is offered by Patti at P.A. Mood who challenges us to “freeze in action” nature, people, objects, or animals on the move.  Or, she notes “halting” the movements within the sky, or on land, the playing field, or a busy street.

Here is a moment of two young boys interacting with water spouts.

Sony RX100 III   f/11   1/320s   25.7m   800 ISO

8 replies to “lens-artists photo challenge: action

    1. Thank you Tina…as I watched them stomp on the water spouts I found myself imagining the power they believed they had to control the energy of water. It was a fun day.

  1. That’s a great capture Brenda. The monochrome treatment very justified! It’s a intense action for sure! 😍👍

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