2018 photography review, august

As I review the blogs posted in August, I noticed an increased shift away from black and white images to color. I attribute this to the increased “focus” on the various elements of contemplative photography and an intention to seeing what is as opposed to compositional elements.

contemplative photography


2 replies to “2018 photography review, august

  1. I could look at clouds forever. These are beautiful, Brenda. I loved your street photography, and then the color and ooh! clouds! Lovely photographs.

    1. Great to hear from you…my memory reminds me of the joyful fun I experienced when photographing colors and clouds. So when life feels a bit drab, a photo walk with color in mind or looking up with iPad in hand is a nice antidote. As you walk through the days of this ending year and throughout the new, may peace be your companion.

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