2018 photography review, july

Street photography — when elements of reality and spontaneity combine with humanity’s quirkiness, we are gifted with memorable images of life as it is…un-doctored, non-photoshopped moments seen through various points of reference.

The photography project I undertook this year began to “focus” upon street photography in June and resulted in seven blogs dedicated to this particular genre.

I love watching people, imagining their life stories, and photographing them unaware. Yet, more and more I am finding a growing sense of unease behind the camera that I attribute to an atmosphere colored by anxiety, distrust, tension. This in combination to some of Henri Cartier-Bresson images has invited me to explore an artistic side of street photography that draws upon the human figure, not as a point of focus, but as a compositional element.

Has your creative work taken you down an unexpected path that was both exciting and challenging?

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