same lens…camera wide open

light figure on dark ground

iPhone 7… f/1.8 1/9s 3.99mm

The previous art of seeing posts were inspired by an Udemy photography class taught by Adam Marelli, The Art of Seeing Photography, (10 light figure on dark ground and 10 dark figure on light ground).

With the completion of this project, I am now challenging myself to a 30 day project, same lens camera wide open, that was inspired by an educational Thorsten von Overgaard Photography webinar.

same lens, camera wide open
35 prime lens – aperture setting f/1.8

Nikon D750… f/1.8 1/4000s 35mm 200 ISO

Even though the 35 prime lens offers a sharper image, I generally prefer telephoto lenses with image stabilization as a means to ease anxiety, especially with street photography. So with the intention to draw upon past photo learning projects, I will step out of my comfort zone with my Nikon (35 prime lens, aperture set at f/1.8, and a neutral density filter) for the next 30 days…

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      1. I hope you and your traveling companion(s) have arrived home from your latest travels absent any virus, fevers, lost luggage.

  1. I too look forward to seeing your photos. I like the challenge and your comment about the lenses resonates for me.

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