What ya doin’

Social isolation

4th day. All follow up medical appointments rescheduled.

Finished reading

Romain Gary’s The Life Before Us – Translated by Ralph Manheim.

“She explained about the place, it was what they call a dubbing studio. …it was wonderful to watch, because everything went into reverse. The dead came to life and backed into their old place in society. Somebody pressed a button and everything went the opposite direction. Cars went into reverse, dogs ran backwards, houses that had burned to the ground picked themselves up and put themselves together again before your eyes. …It was a magic world, I’ve never seen anything sweeter in all my stinking life. For a second I even saw Madame Rosa young and fresh and steady on her pins, and when I turned her back still further, she was prettier. It brought the tears to my eyes.

And then I had a real event. I can’t say I went back and saw my mother, but I saw myself sitting on the floor, and in front of me there were two legs with boots up to waist and leather mini-skirt, and I tried like mad to raise my eyes and see her face, I knew she was my mother, but it was too late, memories can’t raise their eyes. …” (pg. 77)

Editing photographs

of a socially isolated walk through Fossil Park inspired by photographers Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt as well as a 30 day project, same lens camera wide open, that was included in an educational Thorsten von Overgaard Photography webinar.

The image below was inspired by how Fletcher and Hewitt invited me to open myself to the beauty of Northwestern Colorado’s landscape by seeing compositional elements: leading lines, repetition, points of interest, complementary colors, and vanishing points.

fossil park

Nikon D750 f/1.8 1/4000s 35mm 200 ISO

A Journey in Composition, an ebook written by photographers Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt, outlines their travel across the western United States. The ebook covers fundamental aspects of composition, including color and interpreted composition techniques while paying homage to the techniques of the old masters – Stephen Shore and William Eggleston.

How are you taking care of yourself during this time of the COVID-19 virus in which we are all encouraged to socially isolate and by doing so we are also caring for others? Here is a very short video  showing how our individual action of staying home is what we can best do to alleviate global suffering.

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