lens-artist photo challenge: my hideaway

This week Ann-Christine (Leya) invites us to explore where or what is our hideaway.

What exactly is a hideaway?

North Park

Roger’s International Thesaurus (revised: Robert L Chapman, 1977) offers two understanding of Hideaway: 1) hiding place – secret place, corner, asylum, sanctuary, retreat, refuge, cubbyhole and 2) retreat – secret place, den, ivory tower, hideout, cell, lair, cloister, hermitage, ashram

Medicine Bow National Forest

Refuge synonyms include: sanctuary, harbor, safe haven, game sanctuary, safety zone, shelter, home, hospice, orphanage, retreat, secret place.

One may take refuge, claim sanctuary, throw oneself into the arms of, make port, reach safety.

Cameron Peak

My hideaway…retreat…sanctuary is my backyard where my family plays, camps, swims, hikes, photographs, share memories/hopes/fears, and laughs. These places where we sought sanctuary include Medicine Bow National Forest, Horsetooth Reservoir, Poudre Canyon, Cameron Peak, North Park.

Poudre Canyon

Today, all threatened within the Mulen Fire and the Cameron Peak Fire.

Horsetooth Reservoir

“…from another perspective, refuge is about how you relate to the experience of life itself. When you stop looking outside or inside for something to free you from your struggles, you take refuge in direct awareness. …When awareness and experience are not different, you stop struggling with what arises and you are taking refuge in clarity…when you experience life without grasping, opposing or ignoring what arises, you take refuge in unrestricted experience.” (cited: Ken McLeod, Reflections on Silver River)

An island of self….

13 replies to “lens-artist photo challenge: my hideaway

    1. Yes…it is my understanding that the grassland east of the foothills is an effective barrier…south of us was a bit of concern this weekend due to the wind and drought conditions. The wind in eastern Wyoming and Colorado has been known to tip over semi-trucks with gusts of 70 miles. The wind is now calm and there is snow in the forecast.

    1. It is my thinking that to find refuge “within self” may be one way to manage the stressors within these confusing times. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

  1. Beautiful, Brenda. And I loved the Zen master explaining about the island of Freedom within yourself. Your last image is exquisitly illustrating

  2. Such a thoughtful and insightful post Brenda. I was impressed by the way you went beyond the obvious and looked for the deeper meaning of the challenge subject. Beautiful images as well. Glad to hear you are safe – the fires this year have been so devastating.

    1. Thank you Tina. I think we in Colorado have had just a small taste of what is happening along the west coast. Seems as though finding a place within…a refuge is one way to manage these uncertain times.

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