Sony NEX-5N f/6.3 1/2500s 210mm 100 ISO

As the winter winds travel across Wyoming’s landscape

the swirling snow releases its memories of you, lost …

somewhere… on Casper Mountain.

Its frigid touch awakens me to your

aloneness – in that wilderness of blinding snow

cries – deafened by the river of winds,

calling – out in hope for

a human form – to emerge out of the whiteness

the warmth – of a human hand

the sound – of a voice, comforting you

accompanying – you home.

As I become hostage to this winter’s swirling thoughts

the river winds tear into my soul

releasing tears arising from

the darkness of grief’s aloneness, seeking

a knowing to emerge out of ignorance’s darkness

you found – peace

within – a loving presence

embracing – you

accompanying – you home.

Lawrence John Anderson, January 11, 1957 – January 20, 1980

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    1. While living in Laramie and then in Wheatland, the wind often felt like a level 1 hurricane (absent the rain). And then there were winter drives through blinding white outs and over snow snakes.

      1. They say Casper is the windiest town in Wyoming and Cheyenne the second, but I went to the U. of Wyoming and I remember some pretry strong winds there, as well as in Cheyenne, where I also lived for 7 years. I had an interesting adventure in the Wheatland cutoff once…

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