lens-artists challenge: it’s a small world

today’s heavenly gift
again is small…
billowing cloud
~Issa (cited: haikuguy.com)

apple leaf Nikon 750 f/3.5 1/40s 40mm 100 ISO
egg’s reflection Nikon D750 f/5.6 .05s 40mm 100 ISO
breakfast Nikon 750 f/5.6 1/100s 40mm 200 ISO

micro images (AF-S micro nikkor 40mm) submitted in response to slow shutter speed’s lens-artists photo challenge.

be safe…be well…be sage.

9 replies to “lens-artists challenge: it’s a small world

  1. Beautifully creative Brenda, I loved them all. I also loved “be sage” rather says it all. Grateful for the small things that help us when the big ones aren’t so great.

    1. ‘It’s a world of laughter
      A world of tears
      It’s a world of hopes
      And a world of fears
      There’s so much that we share
      That it’s time we’re aware
      It’s a small world after all…”

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