lens-artist: black and white

Hum…it is a challenge to outline my editing process as it is more often than not a spontaneous flow of visual experimentation.

For this week’s challenge I chose the image below … the repeating patterns found within the dandelion family are inviting to my photographer’s eye.

Sony RX100 M3 …f/3.5 .. 1/400s .. 25.7 mm .. 80 ISO

First the raw image was cropped and edited in Capture One. A healing mask was used to remove some of the stems in the background.

Silver Efex: The editing process within Silver Efex began with a custom preset and some global adjustments. The blue filter was used as it was seen to lessen some of the background distraction. The IIford FP4 Plus 4 film type was chosen with a bit of yellow and green color filter sensitivity adjustments. Control points – contrast and brightness – were located in the parachutes. The vignette was set at -21%.

Photoshop: Contrast between lights and darks were explored with 3 curve layers.

Capture One: A custom split tone preset was the finishing edit.

One editing rule that I broke today is to walk away from an image for a period of time as a way to see my work through fresh eyes. Please let me know if you see any distractions or composition concerns.

Anne @ Slow Shutter Speed invited photographers to post their black and white photos as well as share their photo editing process.

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  1. Beautiful B&W photography. I especially love the sculptural shapes in your opening shot and the tranquillity of those reflected reeds. The dandelion is very effective too and it was interesting to read how you created it. I don’t usually bother to try out the different film type effects in Silver Efex but maybe I should take a closer look at them!

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