Lens-artist: colors of autumn

The autumn wind

more white

than the rocks in the rocky mountains ~Basho

Oh leaves, ask the wind which of you

Will be the first to fall. ~Soseki

Along this road

Is none but I

This autumn eve. ~ Basho

in branches dense

with cicadas’ drone —

one autumn leaf ~Shohaku

“But why now?”

You will ask, awake

in autumn night. ~ Nishiyama Soin*

Images of past autumns with autumn haiku submitted for this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge: colors of autumn

19 replies to “Lens-artist: colors of autumn

  1. I run out of adjectives for your posts Brenda – this one is a bit different for you but absolutely beautiful as always. My favorite this week is the street scene – a truly marvelous image. And your haikus are especially lovely and appropriate this time around.

    1. Thank you Tina. The images posted for this week’s challenge were drawn from 2017 posts..”a bit different” is inspirational in that it is a telling that I’m not stuck in a photo rut.

  2. A stunning set of images! I love the puddle reflection and the fading sunflower, but the texture of the final shot makes that my favourite of all. And you haikus capture the beauty and wistfulness of the season perfectly!

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