blogjanuary: rain

This morning we have a few clouds and a very bright autumn sun. It is a bit chilly outside so I declare it to be a pajama day so that I may go on a walk-about through an imaginary landscape.

Today I would color the landscape’s sky…hum…various shades of pink? Yes! A pink sky with lavender clouds that has water vapor made from the calming scent of lavender.

Trees…I would like triangle and round trees in this landscape of pink skies, baby blue grass, dark lavender rivers, and golden mountains. The rectangle and curvy tree trunks gray. The leaves splattered with the colors of garnet, jade, and sapphire.

What colors would you use to create your imaginary landscape?

It would be wonderful to have a rainy day. I image children running about in the lavender rain with green rain boots, red rain coats, and orange rain hats.

Can you imagine us in our rainy day outerwear jumping into lavender water puddles and seeing the water spraying blue and red water drops all about us? Can you picture us collecting small sticks and gravel to build dams in the small streams of water that flow along the sidewalk?

And dragonflies with iridescent wings of blue, green, and purple darting here and there between rain drops? No! No!”They would be saying, “we simply cannot have our wings dampened and dirtied!”

I must say dragonflies are very proud insects.

A rabbit or two would have spots of blue and red rain drops on their white fur. Some of these spots blending together, as rain drops often do, and creating circles and rivulets of different shades of lavender.

Oh what might you say if you saw white rabbits and gray field mice all wet from the rain that colored them with blue, red, and purple spots and rivulets?

When their parents saw them, I imagine they would click their tongues, smile, and join them in rain play? It would, indeed, be a wondrous day!

I picture robins, blue jays, sparrows, and finches gathering and showering in the rain. The crows though are hopping and cawing in celebration of this rain storm while keeping dry under the picnic shelter. Ants, spiders, and worms hear the thumping of the rain drops and feel the quaking of the leaves as the rain drops reached the ground. What a noisy invitation to come out and play!

Shall we put mud pancakes and gritty lavender tea on today’s tea party menu? I heard that gritty tea tickles the tongue. I’m sure the crows would be delighted to have us join them in the picnic shelter.

Who shall we invite for tea?

I hear bees politely excuse themselves from play and tea as they hurry home. The queen sent out a royal order; all worker bees are given a day off from work as they do like to nap during rain storms.

Can you imagine ants, spiders, and worms opening their mouths to drink in the water as they play in the rain? And rows of bees snuggled in fluffy quilts in front of a fireplace?

Hum…that’s a cozy thought.

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