lens-artists: bringing softness

The above autumn image was a raw photograph created in Fujifilm X-T4 with a film simulation recipe, Retro Red.*

Within Capture One 23, I did a bit of light and shadow adjustment, cropped and removed some leaves, and set clarity at 2.

The image on the left was further edited with a Capture One preset, DF-03-Arapaho (bright).

I then hopped over to Color Efex 4 Pro and added a glamour glow layer to create a light softness to the image.

This week Bren invites photographers to explore editing softness into their creative work. I hope you enjoy.

*FujiXWeekly app

8 replies to “lens-artists: bringing softness

  1. Stunning… I just how you’ve captured those fall colours in the leaves and enhanced them with softening. Brilliant edit. xx

  2. Love the softness you have brought to autumn. So often we think we need to find the biggest and brightest of colors in the landscape.You have convinced me that isn’t the case. Such a cal to the photos. Well done.

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