photo friday: vibrant

While reviewing old blogs, I came across an October 19, 2012 post entitled, “photo friday, vibrant.”  I thought it would be fun to create a new “photo friday” blog with updated vibrant images created a few weeks ago.  Hope you enjoy!

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P.S. I have found that “gratitude” is an antidote to feelings like resentment/anger.  I am finding that photographing color just may be an antidote for sadness/boredom.

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  1. I think that the color palette of these metal sculptures speak to us of a memorable time in the distant past. Call it “vintage” or “retro”—or whatever else is in vogue—it stirs something deep down inside. These colors are a soothing alternative to the brushed stainless steel and oiled bronze world we find ourselves immersed in.

    1. Allen, these vibrant colors bring back memories of childhood…the freedom to color outside the boundaries and to lose myself in storybook characters.

    1. Thank you Amy. My initial intention was to just post this today. What do you think about doing a photo friday, again. Or a photo friday that focuses on colors?

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