lens artists photo challenge: fences

spring peace–

a mountain monk peeks

through a fence

~Issa (cited: http://www.haikuguy.com)


landscape 1

This week lens-artists invited us to share our favorite fence images.   While the images above are not my “favorite,” the sign did bring a smile.

I had to go back a number of “blog” years to find three of my favorite fences.

8 replies to “lens artists photo challenge: fences

  1. It’s a challenge to get a good angle when photographing a fence and you have done a masterful job with these. The first B&W image is a nice mix of perspective and foreground/background, but the last one is my favorite. Your use of selective focus is stunning. The thin barbed wire on the weathered posts dominates the image.
    Well done, Brenda.

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