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      1. Indeed, but not only in landscapes….and what I love in this image is that the distance is out of focus, rather than the foregjround

    1. thank you, Helen for both your feedback and for the Heart Sutra link. Just finished the first video. I know I’ll be returning to these videos many times as there is so much information.

      1. I am glad you like it. 😉 I haven’t watched the English version yet. In Chinese version, it started very slow; I almost quit watching it (lack of patience? Ha), but I was glad I didn’t stop because it was in good pace after the first one.
        Speaking of Emptiness… I started watching Diamond Sutra. It has a lot of explanation on Emptiness. I haven’t finished watching it yet (only in the middle) and probably have to go through it a couple of times. It is good.
        Have a wonderful day.

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