contemplating a sunset with…lens-artists (delicate)

isolation retreat 75th day

I’ve found that my daily walks through a community park has become impacted by the increasing number of people who are gathering without masks, disregarding distance recommendations, and (confusingly) allowing their dogs to run free of their leash.

Seemingly, resistance to limitations has no boundaries.

I’m a bit more anxious about dogs especially when walking with my great granddaughter as we have the choice to distance ourselves, refrain from touching our faces, and engage in the ritual of washing hands and masks upon returning home. Dogs on the other hand are know to bite… and a bite will result in an emergency room visit and a confrontation that most likely will be tinted with ugly aggression. These imagined potentialities serve to intensify anxiety even more so than the possibility of stepping into dog poop and imagined consequences… Oh dear!

So…with the intention to journey through this delicate and uncertain time with a mindfulness that focused more on gratitude than on negative thoughts and feelings, I have chosen to spend my evenings photographing sunsets from the security of my veranda.

Gatha for Donning a Mask

Putting on my mask
I think of protecting and caring for my community.
Seeing someone wearing their mask
I think of how they are caring for me.
Smiling at each other with our eyes,
waving hello with our hands
We are even more connected in care
Despite the distance. ~ Prajna Choudhury

skyscape photography: Nikon D750 f/8 1/25s 32mm 400 ISO edited in Capture One

This post was inspired by Leya’s lens-artists photo challenge: delicate. Thank you Leya and all the lens-artists photographers.

9 replies to “contemplating a sunset with…lens-artists (delicate)

  1. “Seemingly, resistance to limitations has no boundaries.” – so true.
    It’s a delicate situation and your image is illustrating it so well.

  2. I used to love meeting and greeting all the dogs (with owners) on our daily walks. That has stopped, also. Poor dogs just want to come over and say hello….

  3. I agree. I love dogs and I love saying hello to them. As for the maskless people, I’d give them a wide berth. There is nothing you can say to them. They are so convinced that they are right. Your cloudscapes are beautiful.

    1. I enjoy watching and meeting dogs…they have much to teach about life. I do fear dogs that are running about when young children are about as there is always a need to keep in mind that interacting with any animal requires respect and understanding of animal behaviors

      1. It is completely true. Even a very friendly dog can be spooked. It is best to teach kids at an early age how to respectfully approach a dog. Respectful approach reaps wonderful canine rewards. Teach them to read the tail and the ears. Especially the tail. A loose flowing wag equals friendly dog; a rigid tail equals stay or stay away.

    1. Thank you Tina. Often I find that others are able to put into words the thoughts and feelings struggling to find expression.

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