lens-artists photo challenge: autumn

The grass does not refuse

To flourish in the spring wind;

The leaves are not angry

At falling through the autumn sky.

Who with whip or spur

Can urge the feet of Time?

The things of the world flourish and decay,

Each at its own hour.

cited: The Poet Li Po (AD 701- 762) Trans: A Waley, Project Gutenberg

Autumn 2017
Autumn 2017

Autumn 2018

This week’s lens-artists photo challenge is sponsored by Patti.

24 replies to “lens-artists photo challenge: autumn

    1. Thank you David. I enjoy reading your comments. Yes, I guess I will feel much better accepting nature’s schedule. 🙂

    1. Thank you John. I believe the bird is a crane. I often see them feeding in creeks and ponds. This one was resting in a tree. I’m sure it was waiting for a portrait to be made. 😄

    1. I can hear Li Po’s whisper, “Thank you.” I am also grateful that the heron remained still during this time…birds are a challenge to photograph. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Please be safe and well.

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