lens artists photo challenge: negative space

Photography, in a nut shell, is lines, shapes, colors, and feelings

In photography negative space is perhaps the most important element as it embraces the subject within your image — the element of interest — helping it stand out and inviting the viewer’s attention.  It is the aspect within a photograph that generally doesn’t attract much attention.  It is sometimes referred to as white space and has the potential to change what appears to be an average subject into an outstanding image.

The simplest example of positive and negative are the words in this blog.  These words draw your attention while the background doesn’t.  The words are positive space, and the white background is negative space

Negative space awakens feelings of peace, calm, quiet, loneliness, isolation. It is less about the subject within a photograph and more about awakening a feeling in the viewer.

Negative space can create a sense of lightness, airiness…it can strengthen the positive emotions in a photography, emphasize the feelings of your subject, conveying whatever story you as a photographer wishes to evoke in your viewer.

Negative space provides “breathing room” giving the viewer’s eyes a place to rest and preventing an image from appearing too cluttered…creating a more engaging composition.

Negative space, in the world of photography, may be more important especially if the photographer tends towards creating images that are simple; yet effective. Michael Kenna, Bruce Percy, and Masao Yamamoto are three artists known for their minimalistic images.

This week’s lens artists’ host is Amy (The World is a Book). Hop on over and join in the fun.

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    1. Thank you Rupali. I appreciate your words as they do encourage me to pick up my camera that has gathered a bit of dust during this challenging time. Please be safe.

  1. Wow – the photos had such a good flow – so did your words and I actually was so engrossed in reading that I forgot to look at a few photos and went back up to see them- that is how good your sections were – enjoyed it much
    And a too photo for me was the beach fence to the right – almost like
    Piano keys

  2. Thank you Brenda for sharing your in depth knowledge of negative space in art. Love your pictures especially the one showing the blades of grass in the water (second from the last). Beautifully done!

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